All About Swimming Pool Safety Covers

So you have bought a new home with a swimming pool or have recently installed a pool and it’s time to close your swimming pool for the season. You’ve read up on how to close the swimming pool, but how do you cover it when it’s done and ready for winter. We recommend using a safety cover to protect your pool, family and local wildlife over the winter.

Safety covers protect

In the cold winter months, swimming pool safety covers are the first line of defense for your family. Using a safety cover creates a solid surface capable of holding the weight of any people, animals or debris that could accidentally end up on your pool over the winter season. Unlike traditional pool covers, a safety covers lays flat over the pool and does not sag or collect water in the centre. This is another set of hazards safety covers help to avoid.

Safety covers last a long time

Safety covers are built to last. Manufacturers of safety covers know this product has to hold up through the winter. Most reputable brands of safety covers come with ten year minimum guarantee and should be considered to be a ten year investment in your family and pool’s safety.

Safety covers really look great

Unlike standard pool covers, safety covers are clipped into hard points around your pool on your deck or patio. They come in many different colours and since they lay flat instead of sagging, they present a clean, solid surface.

Cons of using a safety cover

There really aren’t any cons to investing in a safety cover. They last long and protect your pool, pets and family from harm when the swimming pool is closed. However, when closing your swimming pool we recommend you ensure that there is no algae present before installing the cover. Algae sitting in your pool water over the winter season will have opportunity to grow and will make opening your swimming pool more time consuming in the spring.

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